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Santa Beard And Wig Set

Santa Beard And Wig Set On the streets become more colder and colder. That's maybe the reason why some of our clients are asking for Christmas related attributes - like Santa White Beard (Wig set with hair and mustaches).
Good news are that from today we are offering Santa's beard. Please check it out in our shop. :-)

added Administrator, 30-09-2011

New! Evening dresses!

 New! Evening dresses If you don’t know where to buy good looking evening dress for some important event, for example – friends/relative marriage, banquet or maybe graduation – than come to our trading place.
We specialize mostly on bigger sizes, like European 52 – 58, but also are available dresses in size range of 40 – 42.

added Administrator, 03-06-2010

How to: Wig care

How to wig careMany of You asked for a wig washing instructions, so this article will be regarding wigs care.
Basic washing instructions:
1. Fill a basin with cool or luke warm water.
2. Add a dash of mild shampoo and swish gently.
3. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
4. Shake out, do not brush when wet and drip dry.
5. Brush into desired style after wig is completely dry.
6. Do not use curling iron or curling kits.
7. No setting is necessary, curls will snap back into position when hair is completely dry.

added Administrator, 10-05-2010

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